Freelance SEO Consultant, Andy Drinkwater

UK SEO company iQSEO delivered this growth to a current client

“If you’re looking for growth in Google that converts into sales, then I can help”

SEO is always evolving, so you need an SEO partner that understands what a targeted campaign means to you and with 20 years’ commercial SEO experience and I can do that.

My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a freelance SEO expert based in the UK with more than 20 years of technical SEO experience working with clients of all sizes and in a wide range of disciplines.

I take the time to understand my clients’ needs and by knowing what is important to you, I can create highly targeted bespoke SEO campaigns.

Myself and a team of full-time writers are based in Chester in the UK but offer a range of specialist SEO consultancy services Worldwide.

My Freelance SEO Consultancy Services

Quite simply, I will deliver you results.

If you are struggling in Google for whatever reason, I will find any website issues that might be holding you back, eliminate them and create a campaign that precisely targets your business requirements.

All campaigns target KPI’s that are pre-determined between us, such as keyword ranking increases or page conversions and the data shared with you through a shared document or spreadsheet.

You can retain my freelance services for any of the following:

Technical SEO Audits
One of the most comprehensive SEO audits covering over 200 inspection points.

On-Page SEO
Page-level changes that target key goals and follow Google’s best practices.

Link Building
Link building campaigns that deliver results and increase Google search positions.

Internal Linking
The keystone to helping Google understand your site, manage site links & create silos.

Keyword Research
Give your pages more meaning by ensuring the correct & expected keywords are being used.

Backlink Cleanups
Backlinks analysed and disavow file created base on potential damage poor backlinks are having.

Reputation Management
From brand management to having negative search results moved down or removed in Google.

Click Rate Optimisation
Make the most of your site visitors by understanding where there are bottlenecks and how to resolve them.

UX Auditing
Comprehensive site testing to understand why areas of your site are under-performing or causing issues for users.

You don’t need to know what it is you even need – simply let me know what your goals are and I will work from there with you.

Benefits of working with me

If you have never worked with a freelance SEO consultant before, then it is worth understanding what this means for you and your business and what the primary benefits are.

When working with me, you get the following:

  • One point of contact every time.
  • 20+ years’ technical SEO experience
  • No affiliation to any company or product
  • Consistently up to date with the latest algorithm changes from Google.
  • Expert advice based on current Google best practices
  • A very broad range of technical knowledge
  • Professional advice when you need it
  • Bespoke SEO campaigns or retained services
  • Complete campaign transparency through shared spreadsheets & documents.

iQ SEO offers everything from technical SEO Auditing to building backlinks and achieves extraordinary growth through nothing more than best-practice techniques.

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Contact Us

E-mail me or call +44 (0)1244 631002 if you wish to discuss any SEO projects, or simply use the form below.


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