Freelance SEO Consultant

  • Andy really knows his stuff and its well worthwhile getting him on the job for you. Very helpful along with exhaustive analysis to highlight any flaws in your SEO campaign. Highly recommended.

    Tony Cooper Avatar Tony Cooper

    As a professional Web Developer, I came across Andys work on a FB group. I found his approach to SEO to be visionary. After studying the free information he presented, I was able to use his unique approach to gain a 1st-page listing for one of my website pages within 2 weeks! The analytics of the websites he works on speaks for itself. Pages just skyrocket and the increase in traffic is inevitable. I follow many groups on FB and I must say Andy is the only one who has solid White Hat SEO that performs Amazingly! Thanks for your services and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Chris Vetrano Avatar Chris Vetrano
  • Can't really fault iQ SEO for the work they have done for us. This has resulted in a big growth in the SERPs and as a result of that, we have had to take on more staff to deal with the increased workload.

    Andy and his team are top notch at what they do - thanks again!

    Luke O'Brien Avatar Luke O'Brien

    I've used Andy to bounce ideas off when I've needed assistance on projects. Highly knowledgeable and a great asset to the SEO industry.

    Michael James Field Avatar Michael James Field
  • I have been working with Andy Drinkwater for the last 18 months across different businesses and on a number of projects. His knowledge of the digital marketing landscape is fantastic and he is always on hand if I have a question.

    Mark Delaney Avatar Mark Delaney

    Andy has been helping me get rid of some negative articles that were showing up in Google where my address was being show. After my 'right to be forgotten' failed, I looked to see if this could be buried. Couldn't be happier!

    Elise Little Avatar Elise Little
  • Andy's expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the required working practices has been invaluable to our business - we have worked together for over 10 years now and really value his advice and the support he gives us.

    Iain Brassell Avatar Iain Brassell

    Was introduced to Andy via an SEO mastermind group and I can honestly say that Andy is one of the best SEO's in the UK. When he talks I listen. His knowledge of Internal links is second to none, hence the reason so many well known SEO's implement and share his advice. Always willing to offer support and an all round good guy in the industry. For anybody looking for to work with an SEO consultant, i would recommend Andy 100%.

    Adam Bennett Avatar Adam Bennett

My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a freelance SEO consultant with more than 19 years of technical SEO experience.

I am based in Chester in the UK, but offer my specialist Search Engine Optimisation consultancy services to clients Worldwide through my SEO company, iQ SEO Ltd. I manage campaigns across a broad range of niches, including PLC’s, gambling, eCommerce and ‘mega-sites’.

I have helped many businesses gain extraordinary growth through nothing more than best-practice SEO techniques.

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Technical SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant can take on a wide range of skills at multiple levels for clients, so what I do for you really depends on what you need.

I have listed some of the more popular consultancy skill areas that I can help with below, but if you have a particular question, please get in touch.

In no particular order:

  1. Competitor Intelligence. The backbone to any good campaign is knowing who you are going up against. There is no point in going into any SEO campaign blind.
  2. Penalty Reversal. With every Google update is the possibility that some past work will cause you problems. I can find out what has caused this and prepare a solution.
  3. Usability Experience (UX). No-one wants a website where users aren’t happy and with more than 20+ years of UX experience, I will make sure you convert the traffic on your site.
  4. Mobile Availability & Search. Google recently moved to a new algorithm called Mobile First – your site needs to be mobile friendly and be easy to use on a mobile device.
  5. AMP. Also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is used to deliver pages more quickly and is especially useful for mobile browsers.
  6. SEO Strategy Planning. Every SEO campaign should have a strategy, even if only to prioritise work. I will create these for your organisation, should you wish.
  7. Branding. Google rewards brands more readily in the SERPs, so I help companies to build a recognisable brand that works for them.
  8. Niche Keyword Research. It is important that your pages make sense to users and Google and that starts by targeting the correct keywords. I ensure user intent is well matched.
  9. Content Strategies. Still one of the most important aspects for any site is having the best possible content for each page. This can make or break search results, so needs to be right.
  10. SEO Auditing. I can unpick a website from the top down, to reveal issues (both technical and non-technical) that might be holding back good search results. This includes UX testing.
  11. Site Architecture. Creating a site architecture that makes sense to Google Bot is imperative as this can help you form silos – defined areas of the site dedicated to a particular product or niche.
  12. Internal Linking. Hugely important and vastly underused, internal links not only tell Google which are your most important pages, but also go towards controlling your sitelinks.
  13. Technical & Advanced SEO. For many sites, SEO goes far beyond basic on-page changes. I have a thorough understanding of enhanced techniques like Schema Markup, HREFLANG, Google Answer Boxes, Pagination, Canonicalization +more.
  14. Local SEO. I produce local campaigns for businesses looking to gather localised traffic. This includes Google My Business page, local citations, local Schema markup, reviews, NAP and local backlinks.
  15. Backlink Analysis & Disavowing. Using a wide range of tools, I can gather the required data to evaluate the ‘toxicity’ of a backlink profile for any website. This is followed up by using a disavow file to break any association they have with your site.
  16. Link Building & Link Acquisition. I have been building backlinks for sites for more than 15 years using a wide range of techniques. Today, I have more than 50 unique ways to build backlinks that can be applied to a very wide range of scenarios.
  17. Site Speed. Google has confirmed just how important site speed is and I can help sites by knowing what changes to mate to the HTACCESS file, CDN’s, optimisation techniques, Minifying and compression.
  18. International SEO. Through the use of HREFLANG, country setups, language preferences and translations, I can ensure pages are delivered to the right audiences and remove any possibility of suffering from duplicate content.
  19. Keeping up to date with SEO best practices. I live and breathe SEO. I am exceptionally passionate about what I do and am consistently at the cutting edge of all best practice changes. Because I am an independent consultant, I can act on updates within a few short hours minimising any risk to my clients.

I closely follow all of Google’s guidelines and am able to offer my clients campaigns that will help them grow in their market sector without fear of something going wrong.

Of course, Google changes their algorithms on a regular basis (around 1000-1500 times per year), so should this happen, I am able to deploy changes to help bring sites back into line again.

You might have duplicate content and not be aware – search pages that are unintentionally indexed – a site structure confused by redirects and canonical issues or a whole host of other possible technical issues. This is where I can get involved.

How I became a Freelance SEO consultant

My timeline to date:

  • 1994 – Working as a copywriter and technical author.
  • 1997 – My first taste of UX working for a bank.
  • 1999 – My SEO career begins working for a startup.
  • 2009 – I launch my technical SEO consultancy.

How long have I been an SEO Consultant?

I am a 19-year SEO veteran and into my 9th year as an independent SEO consultant.

I specialise in technical aspects of search engine optimisation while focussing heavily on ensuring sites follow Google’s ever-changing best practices.

Webinars, Publications and Talks

I love to impart advice so am always involved in a wide range of online technical webinar’s & podcasts, writing for magazines or speaking at events. You can see all of those I have been involved in, below.

  • Article published in Recruiter Magazine – Top of the Search Results: Click Here
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  • As I write this, I am an OnCrawl ambassador: Click Here
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  • I received a Search Community honour: Click Here
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With more than 19 years of experience as an SEO Consultant, I have come across and solved just about every technical SEO issue you can imagine. I love helping companies decipher complex on-page and off-page concerns.

The technical SEO services I offer through iQ SEO, focus on revenue growth through a range of strategies – this is both profitable and scalable for all of my clients. This is tied in with link acquisition and a focus on CTR, visitor retention and a strong internal linking structure.

Each campaign begins with a technical SEO audit which will uncover a wide range of possible issues before moving on to the on-page and off-page work.

Helping you with your technical consultancy needs

As a technical SEO services company, I can help clients with a range of advanced SEO issues.

  • Site Structure
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Logfile Analysis
  • Advanced On-Page SEO
  • Duplicate / Similar Pages
  • Redirects
  • Canonicalisation
  • Query Parameters
  • Internationalisation
  • Site Speed
  • Keyword Research
  • Internal Linking

Technical SEO differs from traditional SEO with the focus being based more around ensuring every element of a website is completely available to Google in the way it is intended. Because Google updates their algorithms so often, websites can sometimes get caught out after making a change that was deemed suitable in the past. Other times it can be because an update to a website has been made that then impacts other elements negatively.

My SEO consultant services range from ad hoc days to help you with a particular issue, through to retained time throughout the month. Please talk to me to see which best suits your needs.

Link Building & Link Acquisition

The backbone of any SEO strategy, backlinks are sure to get the needle moving. I offer a wide range of link building packages, but please let me know if you have any particular requirements.

  • Manual outreach
  • Professionally written articles
  • Guaranteed results

Local Search Engine Optimisation Consulting

I have been helping companies rank for their local results for many years. My local SEO packages extend much further than just SEO in Chester – I can offer local SEO for any town, city or village in the UK and overseas.

  • Google My Business setup and optimisation
  • Local citations
  • Business Reviews
  • Local site pages and content

Technical SEO Auditing

Probably the most comprehensive SEO audit available, I check more than 225 SEO signals that are known to be problems if incorrect. Each audit is hand-compiled by myself and if you need an SEO consultant to help you implement some of the changes, then I am always on hand for advice.

  • More than 220 areas inspected
  • Hand completed & compiled
  • No automation
  • Comprehensive summary

Who do I work with?

I offer my technical SEO services to a wide range of clients. Everything from multi-billion dollar multi-nationals through to SME’s – and everyone in between. I also don’t have a particular industry niche that I work in as all techniques will work in any industry. Best practice never changes.

I am also happy to work with other agencies and who wish to outsource areas of their work.

Complete Transparency

Through a range of shared online services, I like to ensure every client can see what I am doing every step of the way. This not only builds trust but is an important step in ensuring any SEO campaign is completely successful. Because you are hiring me as an SEO specialist, this means you are entrusting me with your business – I like to show you that this trust is not abused in any way.

Contact me

E-mail me or call +44 (0)1244 207738 if you wish to discuss any projects, or simply use the form below.