Freelance SEO Consultant

Andy Drinkwater – Freelance SEO Consultant

My name is Andy and I am a freelance technical SEO consultant with more than 19 years of practical SEO experience working with clients of all sizes in a wide range of disciplines.

I am based in Chester in the UK, but offer my specialist SEO consultancy services Worldwide through my SEO company, iQ SEO Ltd.

I have helped many businesses gain extraordinary growth through nothing more than best-practice SEO techniques.

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Freelance SEO Services

My goal is to find the best route to success for your business because SEO doesn’t just begin and end with a few on-page changes. I want to help your business to grow through natural organic means, optimising key business areas to meet user intent.

In order to propose a suitable SEO package, I approach each campaign by analysing the site to understand more about what is required. Only after this can I discuss a campaign strategy that will match your requirements and budget.

This means that I going to be able to help you in the following areas:

Who do I work with?

I offer my technical SEO services to a wide range of clients. Everything from multi-billion dollar multi-nationals through to SME’s – and everyone in between. I also don’t have a particular industry niche that I work in as all techniques will work in any industry. Best practice never changes.

I am also happy to work with other agencies and who wish to outsource areas of their work.

Complete Transparency

Through a range of shared online services, I like to ensure every client can see what I am doing every step of the way. This not only builds trust but is an important step in ensuring any SEO campaign is completely successful. Because you are hiring me as an SEO specialist, this means you are entrusting me with your business – I like to show you that this trust is not abused in any way.

I hired Andy to perform an audit on our website and when completed, he presented it in a very easy-to-understand way, explaining all of the issues that had been found. After implementing some of the fixes and starting on an SEO campaign for us, we are already starting to see the results. Looking forward to a prosperous relationship.Ryan Lee - Lakeland Furniture

Contact me

E-mail me or call +44 (0)1244 207738 if you wish to discuss any projects, or simply use the form below.