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65% of recruitment websites are not mobile friendly

Lets look at the numbers. From 4,130 UK recruitment agency websites tested, just over 65% failed the Google test for mobile friendliness and with the new mobile algorithm update just around the corner, that’s a lot of sites that could be seeing a drop in mobile traffic. If you haven’t read about the update, or are unaware of it, have a read here.

What does this mean for websites that fail the test?

On the 21st April, Google will launch their mobile friendliness algorithm update as a ranking signal. This means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could expect to drop in the mobile search results. That could be quite concerning for many, especially when you consider 48% of mobile searches start on a search engine (source Smart Insights) and that it appears mobile has overtaken desktop as the preferred method of searching (source Search Engine Watch).

From Google’s Webmaster Blog:


Those who aren’t already planning to make changes to their site, could be in for problems not too far down the line. Google have said they will rank mobile friendly sites more highly when browsing is being done from a mobile device (this includes Tablets) and you can often see further evidence of this by the little “mobile friendly” tag that appears next to a site in search results.

If you would like us to take a look at your site, please get in touch or you can visit the mobile friendly test page over at Google.

How were the sites tested?

Thankfully this wasn’t something I had to do manually – with a little technical knowhow on their part, URL Profiler have managed to make it easy to test large numbers of sites in this manner.