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About Me

Welcome to my About me page!

My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a freelance technical SEO consultant. Here you will learn more about what I do, how I do it, my goals, working practices and specialist (niche) areas.

My timeline to date:

  • 1994 – Working as a copywriter and technical author for a large tech support company
  • 1997 – My first taste of UX working for one of the UK’s biggest banks
  • 1999 – Started my SEO career, working for a new startup. This is where the fun really begins!
  • 2009 – Took on my first client – This was an exciting and scary day at the same time.

As I write this, I have been an SEO for over 18 years. October 2018 will mark my 19th year.


My primary aim for every client is to create an SEO strategy that not only works now, but that will continue to work in the future. This is why all of my SEO campaigns are based around sustainable techniques that Google has always advocated – CONTENT, BACKLINKS and USABILITY.

Google has always preached about the importance of writing for the visitor, not for them, so that is exactly what I do. I advise on and create the sort of campaigns that are NOT going to land you in hot water with a penalty – be that manual or algorithmic.

Closely following all of Google’s guidelines, I am able to offer my clients, campaigns that will help them grow in their market sector without fear of something going wrong.

Of course, Google changes their algorithms on a regular basis (around 1000-1500 times per year), so should this happen, I am able to deploy changes to help bring sites back into line again.


Although I will always create strong on-page changes for every client, I would class myself as a Technical SEO consultant.

This essentially means that if a site is struggling to rank in the SERPs, even after all best practice has been taken care of, I would step in and advise on (and implement if requested) technical site changes.

Google makes it very clear that a site should be easy to use, crawl and navigate through. In doing this, it is very possible that they will find other issues that are not covered just by some on-page changes. You might have duplicate content and not be aware – search pages that are unintentionally indexed – a site structure confused by redirects and canonical issues or a whole host of other possible technical issues.

This is where I step in.


An SEO Audit is where you look at a website under a virtual microscope, unpicking issues you find along the way and giving the client a document packed with actionable changes.

My SEO Audits are not the standard automated rubbish though… Each one is hand prepared and compiled by myself and more than 200 areas are inspected, making it one of the most comprehensive in the market today.

The resulting document can run to more than 90 pages (depending on what I find) and can take a number of weeks to complete and prepare for delivery.

My Audits don’t just look at technical aspects though – they also look at how people are using your website. Through tools that take live user recordings, I am able to help identify usability issues that are preventing actions from being taken on the site.

Rather than wonder what is going on with your site, book a technical SEO audit today.


Not everything that is on the Internet is good. Something might have happened to you in the past that still rears its ugly head when your name or brand is searched for. This is where I can help.

Through a wide range of techniques, I am able to help bury this content from view.

Google being Google, you aren’t able to just request it is removed, unless it meets with the stringent rules around the Right to be Forgotten. The same goes for the site hosting said content. If there is a legal reason, you might get it taken down, but more often than not, you can’t.

Burying negative search results past page 1 takes time and no two campaigns are ever the same. A lot will depend on the ‘strength’ of the site and the number of searches completed that result in it being shown.

There is no quick and easy way to do this.

Reputation Management can come in many forms though, from brand building to fixing poor reviews or taking a proactive approach simply because you want to protect your name.

If you have concerns and think this service might help, please get in touch.


Google loves Internal Links. If you get this technique just right, you can dominate some huge search terms with relative ease.

My Internal Linking campaigns start by identifying what your site structure is like, and if there is enough content to actively support this technique. Not every site is going to be in a position to take advantage of this straight away – content might have to be changed or produced initially.

The same goes for the site structure – if this is in a real mess, it will make creating a strong internal link structure, very difficult.

With hundreds of hours of testing to see what works the best, I have had clients achieve the number 1 spot for phrases with search volumes in excess of 40,000 per month!

Understanding the internal linking technique is not enough on its own though – you need to be able to correctly distribute keywords through the site in a manner that doesn’t look ‘spammy’ to Google. If you get this wrong, you can quickly end up in a penalty that will take some unpicking.

Through a strategy that covers the site structure, hub pages, strength pages, keyword research and distribution, I am able to help you rank for phrases that might initially seem out of reach.

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