Crisis Management Services & Strategic Reputation Control

What is Crisis Management?

A simple way to think about Crisis Management is that something has happened to your brand, business or organisation, and a rapid response to the situation is required.

And if you are on this page, then you probably already know something has happened, or you are pre-empting issues.

Whichever it is, I can help.

Reputation & Crisis Management Services

For more than 20 years I have been helping business with their online marketing strategies, which naturally includes making sure your brand is well represented, protected and if the worst should happen in a time of crisis, you have somewhere to turn to.

Crisis management critical objectives include:

  • Identification – Are there any early onset issues that could damage the business brand or reputation?
  • Prevention – What can be done to circumvent issues before they hit crisis level?
  • Response – Carefully planned campaigns to help deal with any negative events that threaten the business.
  • Recovery – The recovery phase doesn’t just deal with the crisis but sets out plans and goals for the future.
  • Management – I will help you manage the threat from start to finish to ensure the best possible outcome.

All services are handled with the utmost discretion from start to finish.

Effective Crisis Management

By understanding the intricacies of risk and reputation control, I am able to act quickly to minimise the exposure you are faced with, or to effectively handle any PR issues that have already happened.

Remember that problems only escalate when nothing is done about them. By acting quickly, you can prevent further damage to your reputation.

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