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Dareboost Review – Test Your Website Speed Analysis

Dareboost Review – Test Your Website Speed Analysis

Which tools do you use when it comes to test your website performance? As a technical SEO consultant, if you’re anything like me, then it’s not such a trivial question as your web pages’ speed delivers many significant benefits to your online business, from conversion to user experience to traffic acquisition and SEO too.

Improving web performance has never been so easy,” announces Dareboost while presenting its main features.

So let’s have a overview of this recent online tool whose goal is to allow any web professional (from webmarketing or SEO managers to web developers) to test, analyze and monitor speed and user experience of web pages.

Realistic website speed tests

Let’s start this quick tour from the beginning: testing one web page speed. First of all, note that Dareboost is based on a synthetic monitoring technology. This means that each of your tests are managed via a Dareboost probe using a Google Chrome web browser. Thanks to this technology, you can easily configure as a couple of basic options as numerous advanced settings for your tests in order to customize the browsing context as you wish… and then get highly realistic – and consistent – results.

Another advantage: you can not only test your own web pages but also any kind of URLs – including your competitors’. But we’ll talk about this later.


Among the available settings, you can choose between 13 locations across the world, define if you need a desktop or a mobile test, specify the bandwidth and the latency of the web connection, etc.

But you can also test your website with the Google Bot User Agent (by adding a HTTP header), blacklist a domain to measure the impact of a third-party content or set cookies on the browser before loading the page, etc.

Instant & complete test results

Type in the URL to test, define the settings you need and click on the “Analyze my page” button… A few seconds later, you get the results: a complete report presenting numerous metrics about web performance (Time to first byte, Start Render, Fully loaded time, Speed Index, etc.).


But that’s not all: much more detailed data are available by clicking a few buttons within the report:

  • The timeline shows the whole HTTP requests (and responses) related to the web page’s loading, and how these requests are spread over time, for an in-depth analysis;


  • The “More metrics” button allows you to access the full list of the performance timings, from the connection to the server to the Fully loaded time;
  • By clicking on the “Filmstrip & Video” button, you get not only the metrics that have been calculated from the video analysis of the web page’s loading, but also a player for this video and a filmstrip allowing you to decompose the loading of your tested web page frame by frame.

Some nice tools to check UX at a glance!


A full web page analysis & quality audit

All we’ve just talked about only represents the first part of your Dareboost test report – report that you can export and share as a handy PDF file by the way.
Indeed, while measuring how fast your web pages are, Dareboost also collects tons of data (HTML, images, javascript, CSS, etc.) which are analyzed and checked regarding 100+ best practices related to on-page SEO, performance, security or accessibility.

Then Dareboost provides you in a few seconds:

  • An overall quality score;
  • A complete and detailed list of the detected issues with information about their consequences;
  • A list of the solutions for these issues, ordered by priority. Note that these tips are quite highly personalized (as Dareboost detects which technologies are used on your website) and well documented to help you to detect the most effective optimizations and how to do then!


Compare & Benchmark

Dareboost does not limit itself to single web pages testing. Let’s have a look at its comparative features, as they may be a great help to easily identify the main differences and weaknesses to be fixed within your web pages… And also to benchmark your own website against your competitors’!

First example: here’s a comparison report for one same web page browsed from a desktop and a mobile…


Indeed, mobile vs desktop comparison is one of the various comparing cases proposed by Dareboost via some dedicated forms, as the Competitive Comparison (2 different URLs), HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2 or First vs Repeated view (to test the browser cache impact).

But if any of theses cases don’t fit your needs, you can also launch an advanced comparison, accessing all the advanced settings of the testing tool…
Need to compare more than 2 web pages?

Dareboost has also anticipated this case: launch single tests on the URL to compare. Then you just have to select the reports (as shown below) within your dashboard and click on “Compare”…


Then you get an awesome report benchmarking up to 12 different test results! Quite an interesting feature that may be helpful in many various cases, as a competitive benchmark or a synthetical report for one single webpage, tested with different browsing contexts (desktop/mobile, with different bandwidths, different screen sizes, from different locations, etc.)


Monitoring your web performance over time

If you think you’ve done with the overview of the Dareboost features, you’re still far from it: as your website performance never stops evolving (website updates, new design, new contents and even more and more third-party content implemented in your pages), Dareboost also propose a complete service to monitor your web pages quality & service.

Choose the frequency fitting your needs & budget (from 24h to 15min), and Dareboost will start collect your monitoring data and let you benefit from them via a customizable and easy-to-use interface (with insightful graphs).


Moreover, you will be able to set up your own alerts on various metrics with your own threshold, so that you could quickly detect any slow-down or quality regression!

One more nice feature: Dareboost allows you to gather your monitored pages in different groups to let you explore your data under different angles… Competitive benchmark, grouping by project, comparing performance regarding various locations, etc. Uses cases are unlimited.


Dareboost announces that its online service is used by 60,000+ web professionals across 45 countries. With customers including renowned companies/websites like, Ladbrokes Coral, RightMove, Flipkart, Carrefour, etc. but also numerous web agencies and freelancers alike. Various Pro plans (starting from $25/month) are available to meet the most current needs. You can even create your own custom plan online.

But you can also start using Dareboost for free: with this free – lifetime – account, you will be allowed to generate up to 5 reports per month… It is definitely worth a try don’t you think so?

My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a seasoned SEO professional now into my 19th year. I specialise in technical SEO, reversing Google penalties and have a particular love for internal linking and website architecture.