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For many years now I have been performing SEO Audits on websites across the globe, and today I bring a new feature to anyone who owns a website and wonders if they need a complete SEO Audit, or not.

Free SEO Audit Inspection

I am offering a completely free basic SEO Audit inspection for anyone who would like to understand if there are issues with their site and if these need further investigation.

And when I say free, I mean free – there is no need to sign up to anything and no obligation to purchase anything either. Simply fill in the form below with your site details and I will schedule a free manual review of your site.

You might even get a useful takeaway that you can fix without needing an audit!

If you do decide that you would like to know more about my complete SEO Audit services, then you can read more about what I do and ask me any questions.

Book your free website SEO Review

Simply add your details below (don’t forget your site URL) and I will schedule the inspection and mail you back with my findings.


Free SEO Review FAQ

Why am I offering this service? Quite simply, a complete professional SEO audit can be a costly investment and you want to make sure that your budget is being spent wisely. I would much rather tell you if an audit is required or if you just need to concentrate on content, backlinks or other areas.

Is this really a free SEO Audit? It is, although please keep in mind that this is a basic inspection and isn’t a complete audit – it is an overview. After crawling a website, I will spend about 30 minutes looking over the site before sending you a report back.

Is there any limit on the size of the site? Non at all.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message below or drop an e-mail over.


My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a seasoned SEO professional now into my 19th year. I specialise in technical SEO, reversing Google penalties and have a particular love for internal linking and website architecture.

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