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Right now the World is in turmoil and I am hearing more and more people saying that they have lost contact with their SEO company or SEO consultant, so I have decided to offer some additional free 1-to-1 time on Thursday 23rd April 2020.

The last lot of calls all went well but please know that this isn’t a precursor to trying to sign you up to anything – it is simply to help.

If you would like to book some time with me, then please do so via this Calendly link to choose a time slot that best suits you.

It doesn’t just need to be about SEO either – it can also be about Reputation Management or any other aspect of online digital marketing but please note that this isn’t a training session for someone wanting to learn about SEO – this is only to help website owners who need it.

If you have any questions, please use the form below to drop me an email.



My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a seasoned SEO professional now into my 19th year. I specialise in technical SEO, reversing Google penalties and have a particular love for internal linking and website architecture.