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Is there a Google algorithm update happening?

Is something going on with Google right now? Accuranker certainly thinks so. Over the last 3 days, the warning for their Google ‘Grump’ rating has been slowly increasing. This started on the 10/05/2016 being cautions – this isn’t that unusual. However, there has also been chatter on Twitter recently that suggested others might also be seeing something. Google declined to comment specifically on this just saying that they are always doing something.

Google cautious rating

Wednesday 11/06/2016 saw the Grump rating move even higher and was showing a Grumpy rating. This is usually indicative of something is probably happening in terms of testing or a low-level update.

Google grumpy rating

We now move on to Thursday 12/05/2016 and we see this increase in states climb to a Furious rating. These don’t happen often and are only ever seen if there appears to be a lot of shifting positions in Google and generally a lot more than you would normally expect.

Google furious rating

What does this mean?

Well, to us regular Joe’s, not a lot. Until Google confirms something is happeneing and then tells us what this is, there is nothing we can do. It could just be extensive testing, but to see a steady increase like this, it looks to be something else.

Are you noticing any changes in positions or traffic?