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New Amazon suspension rules – what they mean and how to effectively appeal them

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Amazon has been testing out some new suspension policies in recent months – and they could have huge implications for sellers on the site.

Amazon has been sending new messages to sellers who violate the transparency programme or who are suspended for counterfeit or inauthentic complaints.

Basically, if you do not then send an acceptable plan within 17 days or after two unsuccessful appeals, whichever comes first, then you could be blocked from the site.

It’s the latest measure by Amazon to keep sellers on their toes, and if it is applied to all suspension types the repercussions would be massive.

Sellers can no longer wait for a “strike three” before an account is closed – that can now come after two.

It’s a major shift from Amazon, so what exactly does it mean for sellers and what can you do to counteract the new measures?

Craig Gedey, managing partner of Thompson and Holt (see my Thompson & Holt review) who specialise in reinstating suspended Amazon sellers, has outlined four key points to take on board.

1. Don’t rely on generic templates you can find online

“This is a key mistake that some Amazon sellers make when their account is suspended, and there is now more reason than ever to avoid this given the two appeal rule,” Gedey explained.

“These templates tend not to work because it resembles other plans submitted elsewhere and is not specific to your own case.

“Amazon investigators have read these templates thousands of times now, and it’s the clearest indication possible to them that a seller hasn’t really taken any steps to remedy their previous mistakes.

“That is where Thompson and Holt can step in and provide a bespoke Plan of Action that can get you back selling as quickly as possible – instead of running the risk of a total ban.”

2. Keep comprehensive records to aid your appeal

If you have received one of the new two chances or 17 day appeals message, it is still possible to be reinstated.

That’s where keeping detailed records helps.

“Documentation such as your invoices are vitally important,” Gedey said.

“You may be missing some kind of information that will aid your appeal.

“Go over the reasons for your suspension and identify areas that you can remedy to be reinstated.

“You case is unique to your own Amazon business, and the details for your own suspension are they key to getting back on the site.”

3. Consider escalating your case

“This is another option for you should previous appeals have been unsuccessful,” Gedey said.

“Again, the way in which you compile an escalation case is crucial to whether your situation will be reversed.

“There are situations in which the Amazon seller performance department can let businesses down, and in that instance, you need to go beyond the team that suspended you.

“This is not uncommon and escalation investigators now expect that to happen.

“There is a possibility this may not be successful, but Thompson and Holt is able to re-write these letters in a more effective manner that is more likely to lead to success.

“We are highly experienced in dealing with these Amazon departments to get you back selling.”

4. Don’t roll the dice with your business

“Amazon suspensions can be a minefield even for experienced sellers on the site,” Gedey concluded.

“These new regulations are another complicated to what can already be a daunting process.

“Because of that, expertise such as that we offer at Thompson and Holt is crucial to getting your business back selling your products again as quickly as possible.

“Our detailed knowledge and experience of how these processes work can speed up reinstatements considerably and help to retrieve what can seem like lost cause.

“Is it really worth risking your Amazon business’ future trying to navigate they systems without professional advice?”

Thompson & Holt have helped over 4,300 Amazon sellers reinstate their Amazon seller accounts and ASINs since 2014 – contact our expert advisors through our website


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