Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management is a huge part of society in general. No-one wants bad things saying about them, but the fact is, it does happen. So what can you do?

You will be delighted to know that we don’t entrust your name or brand to automated software, as many other similar services do.


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What is Online Reputation Management?

This is always the first question I am asked and the answer is surprisingly simple. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the control of information seen about you when searching online. This can be either personal or business-related but is always focusing on how you are perceived.

Your online reputation can speak volumes about you or your brand. From getting a new job to those damaging social media posts and product reviews, the Internet has made it very easy to get caught in a situation you would rather wasn’t there. This is where I can step in.

It is generally accepted that there needs to be a clear strategy in place for this concept to be able to gain any benefits – but a strategy that you control.

Customers no longer have to suffer in silence. The Internet has given them a voice and plenty of opportunities to use it. This is why it is considered prudent to know what is being said about you and what you can do to keep it clean.

If you start to gain negative reviews and feedback on the likes of Facebook, Trust Pilot and Google, then you need to know how to handle these.

You and Your Reputation

The Internet can be a scary place to air dirty laundry!

The frustrating thing here is, that it isn’t you that decides to make this information public. Quite often an unhappy client, customer, partner, or a friend will say something online and the next thing you know, it is causing you stress, anxiety, worry, loss of sales or simply damaging your brand.

But this is very much the World we are in now and as individuals or businesses, everything we do has a chance of winding up online – a scary thought for many.

This is probably why online reputation management has seen a huge jump in requests recently. No-one likes the idea of their name being dragged through the mud for anyone to see. It can be hugely embarrassing and damaging.

Negative Search Removal – Online Reputation Management at Work

Burying negative search results from prying eyes…

Luckily, all is not lost if something appears in the search results that you would rather is buried forever. With constant testing and advancements in techniques, I am able to push negative results down past page 1, where people generally don’t bother looking.

Negative search removal can be imperative if something has turned up in Google, but depending on the results that are being seen, it can also be possible to have them removed entirely!

There are generally two top-level tactics that can be used.

  • Dominate the first page, or
  • Make use of other 1st page results

Both can work in most circumstances, although sometimes it is advisable to choose one over the other.

However… This all depends on what has been said. Sometimes negative feedback can work in your favour if you attack it head on. If people can see a real person / business who cares if something has gone wrong, it makes others feel comfortable.

See what it is before rushing off and trying to bury it.

Proactive Personal & Business Branding

Being proactive to prevent future issues.

Why would you not want to safeguard your name? It makes sense that if something does crawl up from the depths of the Internet, that there is already work in place that will prevent it from hitting page 1 of Google.

Being proactive when it comes to protecting your name or brand sounds like a common-sense approach, but still most companies have no plan in place.

But you should never use this as a tactic to ignore feedback – you should always respond to negative feedback in a positive manner. It can help prevent future issues and gain you a lot of trust.

Emergency Reputation Fixes

What happens if the World comes crashing down around you?

It does happen – probably more than you would ever really give any thought to! So what would you do if tomorrow a news article from 10 years ago suddenly surfaced? Would you try to deny it? Contest it? Be angry? Be upset? All very common emotions and thoughts, but you sometimes have to take a step back for a moment and think about the implication of your actions.

Get in touch if you have an immediate requirement for some help.

How I Can Help You

I have been an SEO for more than 19 years and offering Reputation Management for more than 10 of these. Drop me a quick e-mail and lets have a chat about how these services could benefit you.