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How can one of our SEO Audits help your business?

Reverse Google Penalties – Improve SERP Results – Increase Conversions

As a growing business, your website is your calling card. The health of your site builds up over time and keeping it running smoothly reflects in the final numbers.

A top-ranked website will generate more leads and new possible sales. However, it is common to overlook some key factors that affect your website’s ranking. That is why you need an SEO audit.

SEO is a complex topic that, when done correctly, could help you scale your digital marketing strategies.

The audit process consists of more than 227 important ranking and usability signals.

An SEO audit helps you and your team to identify major and fixable errors in your website. Based on the findings, an audit, whether on-page or off-page, should help in charting better SEO strategies.

An SEO Audit (sometimes referred to as a ‘Technical’ or ‘Forensic Audit’), is the methodical process of looking at a website and then working with results to make changes that will positively impact your goals. This is presented to you in a report with a final checklist of changes you should be making.

You may find an audit will help when looking to correct a Google penalty, or if site changes have slowly been eating away at your visitors, and you aren’t quite sure why.

All SEO Audits are compiled by hand by myself (freelance SEO Consultant with 18+ years experience) and each element heavily scrutinised before providing you with your custom report.

188 SEO audits created and counting…

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What do the SEO Audits Cover?

Number of pages checkedUp to 1,0001,001-10,000+
Final strategy Summary
Help with Implementation
Online Audit
Offline Audit
Competition Analysis13
Site Overview
External Backlink ReportLimitedComplete
SERP Analysis
Analytics Integration
Search Console Analysis
Google Cache Analysis
Site Protocol Check
Site Visualisation
Home Page Link Consistancy
Pagination Use
Canonical Analysis
Print Version Use
Internal Linking Use
Redirects (Int. & Ext.)
Redirect Chains
Meta Robots
Site Structure
Category Use (eComm)
Fire & URL Naming Convention
Error Pages
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap
Protocol Use (http/https)
Links all Reachable?
Broken / Redirected Links
External Links
Dynamic Pages
Security / Malware Check
Site Speed
Mobile Friendly
Popups / Interstitials
Mobile Page Size
Mobile Content Check
Image Use
Search Console Issues
AMP Check
Site check on Mobile
Site Check on Tablet
Mobile UX issues
Mobile Navigation
Use of video on Mobile
Deprecated HTML
HTML Validation
CSS Checks
Page Titles
Meta Descriptions
Heading Tags (H1, H2 etc)
Image Optimisation
Keyword Research
Keyword Use
Keyword Implementation
Keyword Focusing
Video Review
Homepage Check
Category Pages (eComm)
Internal Pages
Contact Pages
# Words Used
Under-performing Pages
Pages with high bounce
Best & Worst Ranking
Content Gaps
Backlink Health
Spammy Domains
Anchors Used
Hidden Text
Doorway Pages
Meta Refresh
Javascript Redirection
Link Exchanges
Complete Summary
TIME TO COMPLETE7-10 days10-15 days

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There are over 1500 algorithm updates each year – how can you be sure you aren’t falling foul of these?

What else can an SEO Audit do for you?

There is no such thing as the perfect site. There is always something that is badly implemented or researched incorrectly – and the fact is, no site owner is really aware of everything that is going on, which is why an SEO audit can do so much for you.

Here are just a few more important points that an audit will surface for you.

Optimize your website

Assuming you call for a routine SEO audit to make sure that the strategy you put in place to secure top ranking is still relevant.

You have inspections performed so that we can make ranking markers more efficient relative to your site’s position.  You can use the results of each audit to make your site more responsive or accessible.

Learn about your competition

If you have a well-maintained website that performs well on search pages, you better believe that your competitors are looking at you. You have a big red target sight at your back, and many other site owners, such as yourself, have you marked as the to-beat site.

The opposite is also true. If you’re not ranking high, you want to outdo the rest and come out on top. To go against the competition, you must at least look at how they’re gaining a competitive advantage over you. An SEO audit can also help you get an in-depth look at what strategies your competition is using. You can then apply and implement better policies to rank higher.

Improve website performance

Website performance is a huge factor for Google at the moment and can directly & indirectly help push you up the SERPs – or drop you down if it is too slow! With Mobile First being a new way of ranking websites, you had better believe that Google wants a fast site – not a slow one!

Any issues with website performance can be picked up in the audit and handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Targeted traffic

Your website may be getting traffic, but the amount of this traffic may not correlate with the click-through and the conversion reports.

You need to implement SEO and overall website conversion methods that get you the clients you need.

Targeted traffic is a high-value asset that allows you to custom design solutions that guarantee eventual returns in revenue. A thorough SEO audit helps determine what your target market wants and enables you to provide that service.

If your website caters to a small location, a website audit could tell your strategic teams what needs to change with your online presence to level up on a bigger scale. Basically, you conduct a check on your website to enable you to cater to both local and global clients.

Increase conversions

Your website could have the best copy, and you may have hired rockstars to make your sales funnels smooth. Still, you may be losing out on clients because of some minor or major SEO flaws.

A forensic SEO audit is more like a dress down on your website. You are able to streamline your SEO tactics and implement strategies that bring you paying clientele.

An audit helps you to keep up with all of the Google updates that could affect your conversation rates.

Guard against algorithmic penalties

Google releases about 1500 algorithmic changes annually. An algorithmic penalty can result in 2 major punishments. A severe drop in your visibility index and a massive drop in your ranking.

Anyone who has had to put many hours of tiring SEO work will tell you that getting a high rank is no easy feat. Losing your top ranking can affect your budget, revenue and site authority. However, to save yourself, you can perform technical audits to evaluate the cause of an algorithmic error or to fix the problem.

Evaluate return on investment

To get a high ranking website, you must invest a substantial amount of time and money. But as is with any facet of business, you have to know that the investment you are making is producing desirable returns.

Mission-critical funds could be diverted to other areas such as R & D if they’re being under-utilised on SEO budgets. SEO audits can help the financial team make fair allocations depending on the current and future revenue projections.

Create better content

Ultimately, your clients want better access to a website with top-notch content. An SEO audit looks at all of the on-page and off-page SEO tactics that you can apply to either curate better content or make your content as user-friendly as possible.

By understanding what your consumers want to see, you can implement some key recommendations to give your customers exemplary service.

To stay lively and relevant in a fast-paced, high-competition space such as the SERPs, you will need a website audit at least annually. Although not a regular occurrence, SEO audits are a fundamental need for any business with its best online interests at heart.

Even when you think you have employed foolproof SEO strategies, audits show you how to be consistent in improving your website for excellent customers’ experience.

Perform an SEO audit on your website today and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. However, only a team of industry professionals has the expertise to handle your website audits. This is precisely why we spend years trying to understand the ever-changing search engine space and provide you with actionable solutions for your website.


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