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Auditing Your Website


How can an SEO Audit help your business?

An SEO Audit (sometimes referred to as a ‘Technical’ or ‘Forensic Audit’), is the methodical process of looking at a website and then working with results to make changes that will positively impact your goals. This is presented to you in a report with a final checklist of changes you should be making.

You may find an audit will help when looking to correct a Google penalty, or if site changes have slowly been eating away at your visitors, and you aren’t quite sure why.

All SEO Audits are compiled by hand by myself (freelance SEO Consultant with 18+ years experience) and each element heavily scrutinised before providing you with your custom report.

173 SEO audits created and counting…

The only SEO Audit that covers Usability Experience

Did you know that Google now counts customer satisfaction and UX amongst it’s many ranking algorithms?

Did you also know that my SEO Audits also capture user satisfaction data and live session video recordings?

Using this data, not only can I see how visitors are navigating your site, but also see areas where they are struggling. An amazingly helpful way to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.


There are over 600 algorithm updates each year – how can you be sure you aren’t falling foul of these?

THE AUDIT PROCESS CONSISTS OF MORE THAN 200 important ranking and usability signals. If you want to know more, use the form below to get in touch

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