Professional SEO Audit Services

Professional SEO Audit Services

“If you want to know what is wrong with your website, then an SEO Audit is the only way to achieve this. With more than 200 inspection points, this is the most comprehensive audit available.”Andy

Are looking for a technical SEO audit?

I have now audited in excess of 450 websites and seen just about every issue imaginable on a vast range of websites and eCommerce stores. In every single one of these sites, problems have been corrected and have seen positive results of varying degrees.

I am also the creator of the most in-depth personal SEO audit checklist available that can help site owners and other SEO’s to better their own site, should they wish to undertake this themselves. No sign-up is necessary.

But if you would like an SEO expert to complete an SEO audit for you, then please read on.

Why might you need to audit your website?

This is always a difficult question and there is never a black & white answer, but if it helps, follow these few pointers to help you decide if an SEO audit is right for you.

  • Has your website seen an unexplainable drop in search positions?
  • Are there warnings in Search Console?
  • Has development work impacted search traffic?
  • Has your site recently undergone a migration?
  • Do you suspect someone is attacking your site?
  • Has the site never been updated in line with Google recommendations?
  • Are conversation rates diminishing?
  • Do you have brand and exposure issues?
  • Would you just like to know you are doing everything right?

If you have hired me as a freelance SEO consultant and I have recommended that this is a positive first step to take, it is because there is something going on that is beyond just a few on-page changes – and you need to know what those are.

The completed spreadsheet shows you every one of the 198 checked elements.

What are the benefits of a website auditing service?

  • One of the most comprehensive SEO audits available on the market (200+ base points).
  • You will receive a complete summary and plan of changes.
  • User Experience is inspected to increase clicks and improve conversions.
  • On-page SEO can be thoroughly maximised.
  • Your backlink profile is checked from multiple sources.
  • You will know where your competitors are ranking and how they are doing it.
  • A complete Content Audit is included as standard as is Gap analysis.
  • Recover from or avoid Google penalties.
  • Follow best practice changes for the future.
  • Specific areas of concern can be targeted.
  • You will get 1-on-1 consultation time with me after the SEO Audit has been delivered to you.
The completed audit finishes with a summary of the issues found which I go through with you on a conference call.

What is inspected in my SEO Audit service?

Your website is inspected in a very methodical way with a set of processes perfected through years of experience.

Today, there are few who can match my ability to uncover what is going on in the background with a website.

The SEO Audit process is as follows:

Step 1: Google Audit Checks

From Google Analytics to Search Console, manual penalties and cache analysis, this initial step will ensure that the basics are all in place and working as intended. By checking all of these areas, it allows for any quick fixes to be applied before the rest of the audit points are started.

Checks performed include:

Google Analytics Search Console Google Cache Sitemaps Negative Brand Results Manual Actions Crawl Issues

Step 2: Benchmarks for the SEO Audit

Benchmarks are imperative to any campaign and audits are no different. I start by benchmarking the number of pages indexed by Google, the number of backlinks and then move on to the search positions. Benchmarks are important as they tell you exactly where the site stands before work begins and a solid baseline to track progress.

Checks performed include:

Indexed Pages Number of Backlinks Linking Root Domains Organic Keywords Top Keyword Positions Domain Age

Step 3: Competition Analysis Audit

Everyone has some level of competition that they want to appear above in the search results, and by auditing what they are doing, gives you detailed information on how they are achieving this. You can then emulate and improve on strategies that are working for them.

Checks performed include:

Competitor Identification Top 10 Keywords Average Search Positions Top Ranking Keywords Competitor Strategies

Step 4: Site Architecture Audit

Understanding and optimising your site architecture can provide big gains from many angles. Everything from internal links and canonicals to category use and navigation is inspected. These technical SEO audit checks are often missed due to a lack of understanding of how important they are.

Checks performed include:

Pagination Checks Canonical Checks Internal Linking Visual Site Checks Internal Redirects Redirect Chains & Loops Robots.txt Checks Site Structure URL Naming Error Page Use HTML Sitemap Tag Page Checks Crumb Trail Use Primary Navigation Footer Navigation

Step 5: Technical Audit

Continuing with technical SEO auditing, there are more than 30 points inspected here alone. If a site has Structured Data issues or is blacklisted, then these ‘hidden’ issues can hold SEO work up without ever really knowing what the problems are.

Checks performed include:

Protocol Use SSL Certificate 301 Redirects HSTS Policy Subdomain Use Favicon Use Site Uptime Broken Links Javascript Use .htaccess Checks Dynamic Pages Site Security Checks Blacklist Checks Site Speed Page Duplication Structured Data Chrome Console Errors CSS Minification Inline CSS Use Canoncial Checks Affiliate Checks Server IP Checks Sites on Webserver External Link Checks Site Platform Restrictions CDN Use Domain History

Step 6: Images Audit

Most websites use images to some degree (even me!) but if you are not careful, they can hinder site performance or even limit the ability to appear in the Google image search. You might not realise just how important image SEO is or have ever given it much thought before.

Checks performed include:

Number of Images Image Optimisation ALT Tag Use Image Naming Image Size

Step 7: Mobile Website Audit

When Mobile First was announced, Google gave everyone plenty of notice to get their website into shape and ensure it works well on a mobile device. Despite this, there are still many many websites that ignore mobile usability or even navigation and load times. Mobile First also means that your mobile site dictates your desktop and mobile rankings – this is hugely important.

Checks performed include:

Responsive Checks Popups/Interstitials Page Size Image Use Image Optimisation Image Resizing AMP Checks Mobile UX Search Console Checks Mobile Navigation Video Use Buttons & Links Favicon Check Parity Checks Mobile Testing

Step 8: Page Level Audit & Element Analysis

On-page best practice is a staple of any website. Without it, Google isn’t going to know how much trust and authority that you deserve. By dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ you show Google how serious you are about becoming an expert in your field. These are basics that are still major ranking factors for any website.

Checks performed include:

Deprecated HTML HTML Validation Accessibility Checks CSS Checks Multiple Page Title Checks Multiple Meta Description Checks Meta Keyword Uses Additional Redirect Types 5xx Checks Advert Use Use of CTA’s H1 Heading Use H2 Heading Use W3C Compliance Sitelink Checks Cookie Acceptance

Step 9: Keyword Audit

It is all too easy to have keywords damage the search positions of a website. They can cause duplication and cannibalisation issues, but can also be put to great work by making sure you are targeting the phrases that net you the results you seek. Ensuring these are correctly identified will help you understand what they are doing for your website.

Checks performed include:

Brand Searches Homepage Term Keyword Strategy Use Keyword Duplication Checks Keywords in Page Titles Keywords in H1 & H2 Tags Keywords in Meta Descriptions Keyword Use In pages

Step 10: Content Audit

Content is still imperative for any website, but content can mean different things to different audiences. You wouldn’t want a site filled with technical content if you were trying to sell men’s shoes or have pages filled with copy if you run an e-commerce website. By evaluating the content, I can show you where even more growth can be had.

Checks performed include:

Font Clarity Hyperlink Readability Font Colours Content Types Thin Page Identification Privacy Policy & TOS Check Internal/External Duplication Checks Additional Redirect Types Content Uniqueness Contact Page Check Content Gap Analysis Classification Checks Gramma & Spelling Checks

Step 11: User Experience (UX) Audit

Did you know that User Experience is actually a ranking signal for Google? Many business owners are oblivious to just how important UX is to a website and how important it is to Google to ensure they are delivering websites in the SERPs that offer just this? The User Experience checks I perform will help identify any problem areas.

Checks performed include:

Site Video Use Homepage Checks Internal Pages Contact Page 404 Page Check Category Pages Mobile Priorities Live Site Usage Tests

Step 12: Backlink Audit

Every website needs links but these can quickly ruin a website if there are backlinks appearing from toxic neighbourhoods or that are being purchased. By fully evaluating the entire backlink profile, I can see just what is happening and if changes are required, just what they need to be.

Checks performed include:

Backlink Health & Score Spammy Domain Checks Disavow File Checks Anchor Text Usage Backlinks Gained, Lost & Broken

Step 13: International SEO Audit

For websites with international audiences, there are ways to deliver the right content to the correct audience. If there are issues surrounding this, you might already be aware of the problems but unsure of how to resolve them? This step will highlight any problem areas and how they can be resolved.

Checks performed include:

Audience Types HREFLANG Checks Translation International Structure Localised Pages Country Backlinks Multiregional Checks International Search Checks

Step 14: Local SEO Audit

Many businesses require local SEO campaigns to help them appear in Google’s local pack. By completing local checks, I can help ensure that everything is in places, from the ‘Google My Business’ account to local mentions and citations. Everything that is needed for a successful local campaign.

Checks performed include:

Local Audience Requirements Local Title Tags NAP Consistency Structured Data Use Google MyBusiness Business Directory Listings Local Citations Local Content Checks

Step 15: Negative Practice Checks

Without realising, you can easily upset Google by unintentionally adding negative practices on your website, and although most savvy site owners know to avoid these, they do still happen. These checks will highlight problem areas and how to quickly resolve them.

Checks performed include:

Hidden Text Checks Cloaking Checks Doorway Page Checks Meta Refresh Use JS Redirection Link Exchange Use Flash Use iFrame Use

It is important to note that your SEO Audit is completed, hand-compiled and written up by myself. No work is outsourced and no automated reports are delivered. You will receive a custom PDF document and spreadsheet that shows you every site issue and explains what you need to do to correct them.


How long do your SEO audit services take?

From the date of completing the information I require, each SEO audit is typically finished in 2-3 weeks. There are always exceptions to this, of course.

Are my audits manually or automatically created?

Every single audit that is conducted is hand prepared by myself. Nothing is outsourced and you will never receive a PDF report from an SEO tool.

How much does an SEO site audit cost?

This depends a lot on your site, but generally, these start from £2,200+VAT

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO Audit is where an SEO professional looks at more than just on-page factors and starts to consider issues that might not be visible or immediately obvious. All of my SEO audits include technical factors as standard.

Do you have an example of your website audit services that I can see?

Yes, I made this SEO Audit checklist public so that everyone can see exactly what I do when auditing a website.

I use Shopify – can I still benefit from an Audit?

When auditing sites powered by Shopify, it is important to remember that there are some aspects of the site that are not under your control, therefore there will be some elements you cannot change. However, there are still a lot of beneficial changes that can be gained from this process.

Can WordPress websites have an SEO Audit performed?

Absolutely yes. If you host your own WordPress-powered website, this will give you access to almost everything that is required to make changes identified in an SEO Audit.

I want to audit my own website. Can you help me with this?

Absolutely! Just head over the website audit checklist that I created and follow the checklist there.

Do You Have More Questions? Please Get In Touch

If you would like to either book an audit or have questions relating to the process, costs or specifics surrounding your business or niche, then please contact us or use the form below.