Technical & Website SEO Audits

“If you want to know what is wrong with your website, then an SEO Audit is the only way to achieve this. No stone is left unturned.”Andy

What is a Website SEO Audit?

A website SEO Audit is a methodical process whereby we inspect more than 230 ranking factors and then work with the results to make changes that will positively impact your business goals.

These will help you and your team to identify major and fixable errors on your website. Based on these findings, you are then able to use the document to create a solid SEO strategy – starting with what is holding you back.

If site performance is impacted in any way, a website audit conducted by a leading UK SEO consultant is how you will identify the issues.

How we Audit your website

Your website is inspected in a very methodical way with a set of processes perfected through years of experience.

Today, there are few who match our ability to uncover what is going on in the background with a website.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Fact Finding – We first take the time to understand you, your business, competition and concerns.
  2. Technical Obstacles – By checking the technical elements of your website, we can either diagnose or rule these out as being a problem that might impede future SEO strategies.
  3. Keyword Research – A thorough look at the keywords you use along with the intent, allows us to ensure you’re not duplicating and are targeting the correct audience.
  4. Mobile Audit – With more than 50% of visitors now using mobile devices, it makes sense to ensure your mobile/responsive site is delivering pages correctly and quickly. Google agrees.
  5. Site Architecture – Improving crawlability for the search engines is key to helping them understand more about your site. We analyse your internal links and any silos in place.
  6. Backlink Audit – Using a variety of methods, we can drill down into your backlink profile and advise you of any areas of concern including toxic neighbourhoods and PBN’s.
  7. Content Strategy – A key to ranking well is by having amazing content. We can ensure you aren’t duplicating any pages and are meeting the minimum expected requirements.
  8. Security Audit – Is your site secure? Is everything up to date? Are you blacklisted anywhere? The security element of the audit will highlight any issues.
  9. UX Audit – Are your pages underperforming? Do you know what visitors are doing on your pages? By analysing visitor interaction, we can suggest positive changes to support conversions.
  10. Summary & Roadmap – A thorough summary and roadmap of changes completes your audit and gives you everything you need to help start correcting website issues.

It is important to note that your SEO Audit is completed, hand-compiled and written up by freelance SEO consultant, Andy Drinkwater. No work is outsourced and no automated reports are delivered. You will receive a custom PDF document that shows you every site issue and explains what you need to do to correct them.


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Do you need an Audit?

This is always a difficult question and there is never a black & white answer, but if it helps, follow these few pointers to help you decide.

  • Has your website seen an unexplainable drop in search positions?
  • Are there warnings in Search Console?
  • Has development work impacted search traffic?
  • Has your site recently undergone a migration?
  • Do you suspect someone is attacking your site?
  • Has the site never been updated in line with Google recommendations?
  • Are conversation rates diminishing?
  • Would you just like to know you are doing everything right?

If you have any more questions, please just get in touch using the form at the end of this page.

Ready to book an audit?


Which SEO tools do we use?

It is no secret that each SEO audit needs to start with knowing what is going on with the site and to do this we (and every other SEO…) need to use a range of tools to identify these issues.

In the interest of transparency, this is a list of many of the tools used to inspect various site elements. There are more, but they are a bit more specific and don’t get opened as often.

Click here to see the SEO tools used when auditing

AhrefsBrowser SpyAMP Validator
Cognitive SEOBuiltWithWebpage
Deep CrawlDejan HREFLang ToolMobile Moxie
Netpeak SpiderWayback MachineLighthouse
OnCrawlLRT Link Redirect TraceGTMetrix
Rank ActiveStructured Data Testing ToolGoogle & Bing Mobile Test
Screaming FrogCheckdog
SEMRushRedirect Checker.orgSERP TRACKING
SERPED.netGoogle AnalyticsAccuranker
SistrixGoogle Search ConsoleSEMRush
SiteBulbGA CheckerAhrefs
Website AuditorCode
SEMRushuClassifyLink Research Tools
Keywordtool.ioMarie Haynes Blacklist
Page Optimizer ProHotJar
Keyword RevealerYandex Metrica

What does an SEO Audit Cover?

See everything covered in our SEO Audits

Number of pages checkedUp to 1,0001,001-10,000+
Final strategy Summary
Help with Implementation
Online Audit
Offline Audit
Competition Analysis13
Site Overview
External Backlink ReportLimitedComplete
SERP Analysis
Analytics Integration
Search Console Analysis
Google Cache Analysis
Site Protocol Check
Site Visualisation
Home Page Link Consistancy
Pagination Use
Canonical Analysis
Print Version Use
Internal Linking Use
Redirects (Int. & Ext.)
Redirect Chains
Meta Robots
Site Structure
Category Use (eComm)
Fire & URL Naming Convention
Error Pages
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap
Protocol Use (http/https)
Links all Reachable?
Broken / Redirected Links
External Links
Dynamic Pages
Security / Malware Check
Site Speed
Mobile Friendly
Popups / Interstitials
Mobile Page Size
Mobile Content Check
Image Use
Search Console Issues
AMP Check
Site check on Mobile
Site Check on Tablet
Mobile UX issues
Mobile Navigation
Use of video on Mobile
Deprecated HTML
HTML Validation
CSS Checks
Page Titles
Meta Descriptions
Heading Tags (H1, H2 etc)
Image Optimisation
Keyword Research
Keyword Use
Keyword Implementation
Keyword Focusing
Video Review
Homepage Check
Category Pages (eComm)
Internal Pages
Contact Pages
# Words Used
Under-performing Pages
Pages with high bounce
Best & Worst Ranking
Content Gaps
Backlink Health
Spammy Domains
Anchors Used
Hidden Text
Doorway Pages
Meta Refresh
Javascript Redirection
Link Exchanges
Complete Summary
TIME TO COMPLETE7-10 days10-15 days

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