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SEO has become something of a byword for what is actually just ‘best practice’. You might be lead to believe that it is nothing more than being able to rank for a few phrases, and that is the end of the work… Far from it – that is just the beginning!

Want to know how I get clients to the 1st page on Google?

As an SEO Consultant, I work with a range of clients and am always sharing client success stories on Twitter and Facebook (names kept confidential for obvious reasons), and showing the results that can be gained by employing a natural, ethical strategy. This is nothing more than Technical SEO and a deep understanding of what Google likes to see.

What do I do?

  • Fix Technical SEO Issues
    It is very easy to find yourself with technical SEO problems for all sorts of reasons. This is where I step in. I will work with clients to help diagnose issues that might be holding back organic growth.
  • Ensure Your Site Is Structured Correctly
    Through a mix of auditing and strategic planning, I will setup a site architecture that is friendly to both visitors and Google. This can be applied to a new or existing site.
  • Cover All Best-Practices
    You can often gain many search places by simply adding correct page titles or increase click-throughs from Google. I set every site up so it follows best practices to satisfy Google and your visitors.
  • Make Your Content As Good As It Can Be
    If needs be, have someone write this for you. Never underestimate the power of content. It is even possible to rank some websites without backlinks and nothing more than amazing content.
  • Create A Strong Internal Link Structure
    By giving Google extra page signals, you can further push your site up the search rankings. This falls in with the site structure and architecture planning.
  • Create Strong Backlinks
    Google still relies on backlinks to a website. I can build you a set number of links each month using a content-based strategy. If you wish, I can even create a monthly on-going plan to ensure you gain quality niche links.

These are the fundamentals that have been simplified for the sake of explanation. Each of these areas requires careful work so you don’t go too far and turn your intentions into something Google then seen as over-optimised.

What does SEO in 2018 and beyond look like?

This is a question on everyone’s lips – how do you optimise for the coming year when you know Google update their algorithms so many times?

For the most part, not very much has changed. You need to still be focusing on keeping visitors happy and retention rates high. But outside of that, 2018 has seen the introduction of Mobile First. It really is worth understanding that this means to you as a business owner.

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