Successful SEO Campaigns

  • Was introduced to Andy via an SEO mastermind group and I can honestly say that Andy is one of the best SEO's in the UK. When he talks I listen. His knowledge of Internal links is second to none, hence the reason so many well known SEO's implement and share his advice. Always willing to offer support and an all round good guy in the industry. For anybody looking for to work with an SEO consultant, i would recommend Andy 100%.

    Adam Bennett Avatar Adam Bennett

    I've used Andy to bounce ideas off when I've needed assistance on projects. Highly knowledgeable and a great asset to the SEO industry.

    Michael James Field Avatar Michael James Field
  • Andy has been helping me get rid of some negative articles that were showing up in Google where my address was being show. After my 'right to be forgotten' failed, I looked to see if this could be buried. Couldn't be happier!

    Elise Little Avatar Elise Little

    Andy knows so much about SEO I asked him to come and speak at my SEO event in Cambridge, to come and share just a small part of his knowledge.

    Not only does he know his stuff but he's generous and supportive of the SEO community too, to help others learn from his wealth of experience - and he's a jolly nice chap too, which always helps!

    Andrew Cock-Starkey Avatar Andrew Cock-Starkey
  • I have been working with Andy Drinkwater for the last 18 months across different businesses and on a number of projects. His knowledge of the digital marketing landscape is fantastic and he is always on hand if I have a question.

    Mark Delaney Avatar Mark Delaney

    Andy is one of the best SEO's in the UK. His knowledge of the industry is unrivalled. He has helped me with many technical onsite issues and is one of my go to guy's when I get stuck. Extremely helpful, I highly recommend you reach out to him if your seeking an expert

    Tom Livingstone Avatar Tom Livingstone
  • Andy really knows his stuff and its well worthwhile getting him on the job for you. Very helpful along with exhaustive analysis to highlight any flaws in your SEO campaign. Highly recommended.

    Tony Cooper Avatar Tony Cooper

    Andy's expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the required working practices has been invaluable to our business - we have worked together for over 10 years now and really value his advice and the support he gives us.

    Iain Brassell Avatar Iain Brassell

Below are a number of charts that each show growth from a range of SEO campaigns from delighted clients. However, to protect clients and the keywords they are going after, I have had to blur some of this out.

18,100 Monthly Searches – Growth from position 69 to 9

Making Technical SEO work for you


Results from an internal linking campaign. From position 16 to 4

Another example of Internal links and technical SEO


A 1,300% increase in visibility due to internal linking

Internal links are hugely beneficial to any website.


1,600 monthly searches from position 75+ to  13 by mostly fixing onpage issues + internal links

Correcting technical SEO issues can reap big rewards


33,000 monthly searches from position 200+ to position 8. Technical fix only

Too many similar pages meant this client wasn't ranking well


4,900% increase in search visibility. Mix of technical and on-page

Client experiences 4,900% growth in just 3 months after completing SEO


6,730% increase in search visibility. 3 month SEO campaign.

Search traffic growth due to internal links being added - Example 1


1,600 monthly searches from 60+ to 1st page

Search traffic growth due to internal links being added - Example 2


33,100 search volume – Internal Linking campaign from 170+ to 1st page


Internal links added and boost seen within a few days.


Internal links added and boost seen within a few days. Very similar to above


The results from correcting technical issues


Chart showing results of a 2-month internal linking campaign