Technical On-Page SEO & Advanced Search Practices

Technical On-Page SEO & Advanced Search Practices

As one of the UK’s leading SEO services companies, we are able to help clients with even the most frustrating issues and ensure that every page on your site is 100% optimised to meet the current requirements of Google.

We can help you in one of two ways:

  1. We can provide you with a task report for you to complete the work, or
  2. We can undertake the work for you.

The service areas that we can help you with are:

  1. Competitor Intelligence. The backbone to any good campaign is knowing who you are going up against. There is no point in going into any SEO campaign blind.
  2. Keyword Research. With a complete keyword strategy, you can help Google to better understand what your pages are trying to achieve.
  3. AMP. Also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is used to deliver pages more quickly and is especially useful for mobile browsers.
  4. Site Architecture. Creating a site architecture that makes sense to Google Bot is imperative as this can help you form silos – defined areas of the site dedicated to a particular product or niche.
  5. Internal Linking & Silos. One of the biggest and most underused factors that Google loves, can help you to create a dedicated flow of targeted signals through to your key pages.
  6. International SEO. Through the use of HREFLANG, country setups, language preferences and translations, we can ensure pages are delivered to the right audiences and remove any possibility of suffering from duplicate content. Read more about how we perform internal linking for SEO here.
  7. Schema & HTML Markup. By providing Google with additional information, you can improve the quality of the search results or even pull in review snippets (stars) from by using aggregate ratings.
  8. Pagination & Canonicalisation. A common stumbling block for many site owners and often caused by plugins or ‘out of the box’ coded solutions. Difficult to just see and can cause a host of issues.
  9. Keyword & Page Cannibalisation. When you have more than one page that targets the same keyword, you end up with duplication that Google then needs to try and figure out which one to deliver. Sometimes Google doesn’t deliver any of them!
  10. Logfile & Crawl Analysis. By understanding exactly what is/isn’t being crawled by Googlebot, you can see how much ‘crawl budget’ is being wasted, improve accessibility, see status codes and much more.
  11. Indexation Issues. If incorrect pages are being indexed or missed by Google, then there are usually very good reasons for this. Sometimes it can be a quick fix, others it is more involved. We can find and correct these problems.
  12. Dynamic URL Management. An issue that plagues many sites that contain a search/filter facility. By not wasting crawl budget and ensuring unnecessary pages are not being indexed, you can often see quick benefits.
  13. Backlink Analysis & Disavowing. By managing a white-hat link building campaign for you, we can assure growth that will benefit your site in numerous ways.
  14. Site Speed. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow website – even worse if you are on a mobile. We can help you speed up your website significantly.

If you have any questions regarding any of these services, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer them.