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The Best Rank Tracking Tools For 2019

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I have recently been looking to update the rank tracker that I have been using for a couple of years and reached out via Twitter to see who was using what, and the problem is, that there are so many to choose from. Even now I don’t think I have them all.

So, it’s time for a poll – no better way to gauge who uses what.

Please note that these are not recommendations from me and I am keeping a watch on the results to make sure there is nothing odd going on.

Which is your preferred Rank Tracking Tool?

Pop your vote below and if there is someone that I have missed, please either let me know or pop a comment at the end.

You can cast up to 3 votes each because we know that not everyone uses just 1 tool.


I have been sifting through the votes and there were some that were getting entries many times from the same IP’s or were trying to game the system, so these votes have been removed and as such, the positions have changed.



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