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Thompson & Holt Review: Appealing Amazon’s removal of selling privileges

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My Review of Thompson & Holt

It can be an extremely frustrating and costly experience having your Amazon account suspended, particularly at key times of the year for your online business. Amazon might tell you how to appeal the removal of selling privileges, but experience and knowledge can be hugely beneficial when time is of the essence in getting back online.

Craig Gedey - Thompson & Holt
Craig Gedey explains how Thompson & Holt help appeal Amazon’s removal of selling privileges

That is where Thompson and Holt’s 18 years of expertise can provide invaluable for Amazon sellers and why I would suggest speaking to experts rather than looking for the services of an SEO consultant. I spent some time chatting to managing partner Craig Gedey.

He explained: “Amazon will have told you to search for ‘appeal the removal of selling privileges’ in the Seller Central Help.

“You should refer to the Seller Central Help as it has lots of useful information about how to appeal. What the Seller Central Hub doesn’t do, however, is write the appeal for you – and that is where Thompson and Holt’s vast knowledge of the process can get you back selling as quickly as possible.

“Writing a successful appeal letter and plan of action can be difficult, especially at a very stressful time for business owners. If you are not a confident writer or are unsure of what Amazon is asking for you should seek help, and that’s where we come in.”

Amazon does provide a significant amount of information surrounding appealing the removal of selling privileges, all of which is certainly useful. The advice is based around the following three questions:

  1. Why have my selling privileges been removed?
  2. What can I do to keep selling on Amazon?
  3. How do I create a Plan of Action?

Why have your Amazon selling privileges been revoked?

Understanding why your selling privileges have been removed is key, and will usually fall under one of the following three headings:

  1. Poor performance through not meeting targets
  2. Violations of Amazon’s selling policies, or
  3. Violation of the company’s rules about prohibited content and/or product restrictions.

The key question of course is what you can do to continue selling on Amazon. Again, Thompson & Holt provide a detailed breakdown covering five steps to appeal your suspension, including the creation of a ‘Plan of Action’.

But that is where issues for many businesses can start.

Gedey continued: “This is what we find Amazon Sellers find the most difficult. In most cases, the customer has the right intentions and genuinely does want to rectify their mistakes, but sometimes it’s a lack of understanding of how to articulate the information to Amazon.

“Amazon provides examples of different plans of actions, but they are obviously not specific to your own business, which is absolutely imperative. Amazon is in essence simply protesting its customers – they are not operating with hidden agendas against your business no matter how unfair their suspension may seem to you.

“Because of that, it is crucial that you present them with unique facts about your suspension, and at Thompson and Holt, we have a much quicker reinstatement time by using our expertise to put together a bespoke appeal letter.

“The is a far more effective method of getting reinstated than potentially getting caught up in Amazon’s ‘circle of automated emails’, because you haven’t addressed their concerns correctly or articulately.

“Our business specialises in helping Amazon Sellers get their accounts reinstated, and we pride ourselves on having the quickest method of doing that – in some cases within 24 hours.”

The burning question: Does it work?

Thompson & Holt have helped over 4,300 Amazon sellers reinstate their Amazon seller accounts and ASINs since 2014. That points towards a big ‘yes’ for me

Thompson & Holt reviews on Feefo. The numbers speak for themselves.

Their key area of expertise is dealing with Amazon seller suspended accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time. They utilise the experience of former Amazon staff who used to work in the company’s performance team reviewing seller appeals.

They know exactly how to write your Amazon appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Amazon, in as little as 24 hours, although our average time to get reinstated is three days.

If you have experienced issues like this, I would suggest that you head on over to their website and get in touch.


My name is Andy Drinkwater and I am a seasoned SEO professional now into my 19th year. I specialise in technical SEO, reversing Google penalties and have a particular love for internal linking and website architecture.

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